Harnham IconA little about us. . .

Harnham Free Church was founded over 40 years ago by a group of local Christian people as an independent free church. A free church is one formed by a group of Christians living in a locality that meet to worship God, learn more about Christian faith from the Bible, enjoy sharing with each other and serving the community in which they are placed. Whilst we are not affiliated to any other Christian denomination because we seek to follow the New Testament pattern of local, independent churches, we are pleased to have links with other Christians in a variety of churches in the area and to undertake joint activities as appropriate.

Our beliefs and practices are based on the Bible, and in particular the teachings of Jesus and the first Christians, as recorded in the New Testament. We meet to worship God, learn more about the Christian faith and to enjoy one another’s company.

Our present building, originally the chapel to the Salisbury Workhouse, was purchased in 1980 and extended in 1988 to include a main hall, vestry, kitchen and toilet facilities. A church office and disabled toilet facilities have been added since.

The church leadership is appointed from the membership of nearly thirty adults. Spiritual leadership is provided by the Elders.

The Deacons manage the practical aspects of the building and resources, finance and the organisation of pastoral care.

Well over two hundred individuals each week are involved in the various activities run by the church as outlined on the site.

Harnham Free Church has been registered as a Fairtrade Church since 2007. This means that we are committed to using Fairtrade coffee and tea after our services and meetings, and we regularly promote the use of Fairtrade products. We'd love it if you could stay to have a Fairtrade cuppa with us after our Sunday service!

 In May 2018, Harnham Free Church became a registered charity; our charity number is 1178495.